On Saturday, Maja and I visited Oudong (the old capital of Cambodia), an area about 45km from Phnom Penh that has a number of sites for Buddhist prayer and retreat. We decided to take a tuk-tuk so we could really take in the scenery; it was nice, but pretty dusty and hot! The entire town of Oudong is atop a mountain, but the main place of worship (called a stupa) is at the very peak, meaning lots and lots of steps! Along the climb we encountered many Khmers (the people of Cambodia) who were going to pay their respects to Buddha. Once on top of the mountain we had to remove our shoes and hats before entering the area around the stupas. The pictures below display the architecture of the stupas and Khmers giving their offerings. It seems most customary to lay lotus flowers and burn incents during the practice of worship.

Lotus Flower Seed Cup; the seeds can be extracted and eaten

Monkey on the steps to Oudong

Intricate carvings were placed all along the stairway up the mountain

View from Oudong

Newest and largest of the Oudong stupas

Incense being burned to worship Buddha

Khmers praying

Carvings in the stupa

Intricacies of the stupa

Three headed elephant to symbolize greatness and wisdom

View of temple at the base of Oudong

Older stupas, built by the ancient kings

Carvings in stupa

Elephant carving in old stupa

No shoes at the stupas!


In front of the stupa

After visiting the stupas we wandered through the local market:

Local market

Lots of interesting foods were available

Khmer cooking

Coconut husks

Young boy selling pinwheels at the market

And a local temple:

Monk's homes at a local temple


Novice Monks

We then visited the Buddhist center, which was really gorgeous. I think the pictures will give a better impression than anything I can describe!



Statues in meditation

Prayerful meditation

Meditating with Buddha

Sleeping Buddha

Golden statue


Woman with crocodile


2 responses

  1. Really impressive, Micaela. I”m sure the foods are, in fact, interesting! I would enjoy the temples, carvings, culture…..all probably. Hot and dusty, not so much.
    How did you get your feet in your lap? Cool

    June 24, 2011 at 3:51 am

  2. Amy

    Micaela! I love the pictures of you and Buddha. Your lotus sure looks good!! Is it hot and humid there to allow you to get into that posture without warming up? I’ve been missing you. I taught at the library last Monday and then at St. David’s Thursday night. Neither class was quite the same without your smiling face. I’m so happy you’re sharing your blog with me. You are quite the photographer and the pictures are showing me a part of the world I may never get to see with my own eyes. Thank you! Amy

    June 26, 2011 at 10:12 am

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