Request for Recipes and Other Happenings

This may be a tough one! I have one gas burner and need some ideas for things to make, not including any form of Asian dishes (i.e. stir fry, fried rice, etc) as I can get really delicious Asian food really cheap! Spaghetti gets boring pretty quickly…

Just a few other things that I did in the past two weeks. While Maja was still here, we went to a little jazz show at the German Cultural Center which was so much fun! The group was a jazz trio from Europe- and I really got a laugh from the extremes in expressions. The German bassists kept a very straight face with little expression throughout the show, while the French drummer was practically crying, eyes closed, the entire time. Just so stereotypical.

Pianist and Group Leader, Benny Lackner, taken by Maja

I joined the Hash again these past two Sundays for a nice 8k run (when I say nice, I mean it was in the high 80s/low 90s with up to 90% humidity; needless to say I felt sick afterwards). Maybe I will stick to walking in the coming weeks…

I did a field visit on Wednesday to hold a meeting with one of the provincial departments on a potential sanitation program we are going to implement. The meeting went well, and I got some good looks as I tromped around the village asking questions and taking pictures of their toilets. I will spare you these shots.

On Thursday and Friday nights I went to the German Cultural Center (they are always having free events!) to see two films. On Thursday I saw Freakonomics, which was fun- and it was nice to get out and do something for the evening. Then on Friday I saw Inside Job, a documentary made in part by a Khmer-American filmmaker on the economic crisis. On Saturday evening I went to see a Cuban group play at the FCC (good thing Tyler and I took those salsa lessons in Kenya!). The FCC, Foreign Correspondents Club, is a restaurant/bar that was utilized during the Khmer Rouge by journalists as a base camp and safe haven for documenting the atrocities occurring throughout Cambodia. Today it is a stylish restaurant with a nice view and fun activities!

I also want to say thanks for the emails I have been receiving with updates and stories from home! I really appreciate it! And I am thankful for the positive feedback on my photography- I can only pass along the wisdom of my Father; take hundreds of shots, then you are bound to get at least a few good ones!



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  1. Alisha

    Hi, Micaela….so glad to see you are having a wonderful time on the other side of the world!! I really enjoy the pictures, they’re great–so good to see you settling in nicely! Food—girl, you know that’s my favorite subject and you need some ideas for different things to eat. One gas burner, huh?! Sear chicken or fish on both sides on a skillet, try some veggies on a skillet as well (with a little oil, salt, & black pepper of course); potatoes ontop of the burner is good (just need a few spices); try sliced tomatoes with tuna & deviled eggs when its crazy hot out; chilli is quick, oooo and chicken noodle soup from scratch is really easy too….if any of these sound feasible or like something you want to do; I will email you the recipes!! Let me know….

    June 28, 2011 at 11:12 am

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