The Rainy Season Begins!

…and just as I was going out for lunch. For three weeks the weather has been off and on threatening rain, but never did, so I stopped carrying my raincoat and umbrella with me. Bad choice. However, with the blustery downpours a raincoat would not do much (and an umbrella certainly wouldn’t hold up well). Luckily (and I wish I had a picture) the guard at my office was able to supply me with a HUGE blue poncho with a big picture of a mosquito on it. I mean, we have to advertise for a malaria free country all the time, right!? I walked, attracting many funny stares, to lunch at a close by place- I actually jumped into the first restaurant I encountered and it was really lovely. My favorite food item that I can get here no matter where I eat is fresh juice (just watching them slice up the pineapple into the blender makes me smile)! My favorites are mango, passion, coconut and pineapple (or any combination)- yum!


One response

  1. Ayaz

    Is it monsoon season over there? Over here I think it starts around August. It brings cool weather for us, and hopefully it isn’t too hot over there for you.

    June 30, 2011 at 9:34 am

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