Floating Villages of Kampong Chhnang

Purchasing land as an immigrant can be very difficult to near impossible in some countries. Vietnamese immigrants into Cambodia have created a unique solution to this issue- build floating villages. These floating villages are located within the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers and the Tonle Sap Lake. The villages consist of individual homes, shops, boat engine repair stores, etc. Some of them are linked, but most are separate structures, therefore requiring residents to take a boat anywhere past the front door. The buildings are somewhat anchored to the river, with the ability to rise and fall with the seasons. Some have wires connecting them to the mainland for electricity, others just do without. Most residents fish for a living, but some are shop owners, carpenters, sellers at the local market; any profession that may be useful to a functioning village (maybe a handyman to fix the leaks). I can’t imagine living on the water; beautiful, but a harsh everyday reality that would become draining quite quickly. Below you can see some pictures of the homes and people who live in them.

Traditional Boat

Floating Villages with Boats

Villagers of Floating Village


Woman on boat

Nap Time




Our captain and first mate

Floating Home

Paddling on the river

Girl doing washing

Woman on boat


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