Bou Sra Waterfall

While still in Mondul Kiri Province, Amanda and I took a morning visit out to Bou Sra waterfall, a huge two tiered waterfall an hour from Sen Monorom, the main town of the province. The motorbike ride was enjoyable (albeit too fast for my liking, especially after a little incident we had the day before– as we arrived at the Elephant Valley Project the roads began to get very muddy. Needless to say, our driver- remember, there are three adults on the motorbike- should not have attempted to go down a very steep hill leading to the project’s lodge, as we tipped over- going very slowly. Luckily a few bruises were the only souvenirs). Once we arrived at the waterfall we took a few moments to marvel at its splendor, then took a trek along the far banks in order to view both tiers. The trek was nice, although steep and included a portion of ~25 meter long stairs that were more like a ladder.

After hiking around for about an hour we took a dip in the large pools as the base of the upper tier. Lovely!


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