Pursat Province

I joined the Hash House Harriers again this past weekend for an “outstation run”- a weekend long trip to a destination a few hours outside of the city versus on the outskirts. The run took place in Pursat Province, a region well known for its rice production. As you can see from many of the photos we meandered our way through the paddies. So many shades of green. Just beautiful.

Water buffalo

The water levels in the rivers are rising throughout the country as the rainy season ensues


Group dance aerobics

Double rainbow!

The girls after Saturday's run

Sunday’s run began and ended at a temple that reminded us of the horrendous reality that Cambodian’s experienced during the Khmer Rouge (aka Pol Pot Regime) in the late 1970s.

The Buddha's face was riddled with bullet holes with blood seeping out

Millions of men, women and children were killed by Pol Pot and his followers

After Sunday’s run (every run, for that matter) everyone forms a circle and people are pointed out for making blunders on the trail. The punishment: drinking a “putty” (small bowl) of beer.

Some of the  characters from the Hash:

Big Mango and Armpit (all the regulars have "Hash names")

Little Buddha ("every Hash needs a Mongolian!")


Flaccido and Blahblah


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