And On We Go

Just as I was settling back into life in Cambodia… I move to Tanzania this Saturday, January 14th (so for everyone who was sad that they would not get a chance to see pictures from East Africa, I will try to take plenty! And seeing that I will again have no friends when I arrive, I should have plenty of time to blog!).

Work here in Cambodia has been extremely busy as we kick off a new program to provide transportation to rural villagers in Kratie Province (with the goal of increasing attendance to ANC visits and deliveries taking place in health centers) and review our past and current malaria programming.

Luckily with my work I have had the time to travel to the provincial offices (I have spent as much, if not more, time in hotels this past month as my apartment) which also means experiencing new regions of the country. I apologize that I have not taken the time to post photographs and stories as of late, but I must do so soon (as it is wedding season! and I have been learning a lot more about the Buddhist tradition, and I spent time in the most gorgeous landscape over the new year holiday…)



One response

  1. Ayaz

    It feels like you were here a week ago, I can’t believe you are going to Tanzania now, but it sounds exciting and I can’t wait to hear about your stories over there!

    January 9, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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