A Holiday in Cambodia

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends for the holidays in Cambodia, making the time fun and memorable. On Christmas Eve I joined with my good friend Patricia to lunch with the lovely girls we met on Silk Island back in July. On Christmas I spent the afternoon picnicking at Kirirum National Park, enjoying the serene environment and natural landscape. I then returned that evening to Phnom Penh to host a dinner with Patricia.

Christmas Eve Lunch on Silk Island

The delicious lunch the ladies prepared for us

Preparing lunch

Beautiful girls!

Do you remember this baby from a few months back? Well she is still as adorable as ever!

Mural on the wall of a temple displaying hell- always, apparently, displayed behind the Buddha, at the back of the temple where it is not easily visible.

If I climb the tree, I wonder where I will end up...

Our Christmas Eve lunch party

View of Phnom Penh at sunset as we cross the Mekong

 Christmas Day: An Afternoon at Kirirum

Excited for the trip!

Being bombarded by flower sellers

Veary modeling the flowers

Christmas Dinner


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