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So here we are again…

… exactly two years later and another adventure in front of us. Let me reuse (reduce, reuse, recycle- this should apply to words as well as material goods, right?) my introduction for the blog so newcomers and longtime followers alike can be refreshed:

Msafara wa amani means journey of peace in Kiswahili. Peace is something we should all strive for in our daily endeavors. Dr. Abdul Said of American University once said that we need to replace all violent language in our vocabulary, beginning with the simplest of phrases. He said, for example, that we must always try to, instead of killing two birds with one stone, feed two birds with one hand. This beautiful saying stuck with me and has led me to understand more fully the impact that even violent language can have on one’s mindset and actions.

As I travel, I hope to learn the intricacies of what is required to bring peace, be it mental or physical, to the people I work with. Here you will find pictures and stories of my work abroad, beginning with my time living in Cambodia.  By learning about new cultures and educating others, we can bring awareness to the global issues that affect us all, ultimately leading to a peaceful, cooperative global community.

With this mindset at the forefront of my endeavors, I now embark on a new journey: Bangladesh. As a country with a population of just over 160 million in the land area approximately the size of Georgia, Bangladesh is a challenging environment to work within. I am trying to go in with little expectations for what I will face, but I am sure I will be swept into all that is South Asia. And I can’t wait.

See you in Dhaka.